My relationship with the Earth and with nature’s cycles has deepened over several years. The paths of permaculture, Ayurveda, earth-based spirituality and Steiner-Waldorf education guide me around the turn of each day, week, month and year – and through the chapters of my own life. It feels important to me to acknowledge and celebrate these phases and transitions through simple acts of thanksgiving, connection and ceremony. Acts that are sometimes solitary, sometimes with my sons and/or husband and occasionally with a wider group. This is what I mostly write about on Spin Your Circle Bright; the simple celebrations, small rituals, projects and reflections that deepen further my relationship with nature – and with myself and others as part of it. These acts root me in the rhythm that I spin to. The inspiration I find that brightens the path ahead.

The name is from the chant “Lady, spin your circle bright. Weave your web of love and light. Earth, air, fire and water bind us as one”. It’s one of my favourites (and alternative lyric I’ve heard is “dark and light”). The words remind me of our glowing sun and full moon – as well as an image of our planet “glowing” more with the collective happiness, hope and vitality of its people if we made it a fairer, kinder place. It reminds me of how, although individuals, we are all part of the same; all equal. For want of a less clichéd expression, we’re all connected… if sometimes existing in ways that are disconnected from each other and from our ecology. I really believe that reconnection would lead to us leading brighter, more fulfilled lives on a healthier planet.

If something you see here happens to inspire your own ceremonies and celebrations, I’d love to hear about it.  Any content or photos you’d like to use professionally, let’s chat about it over email first: pixie_mo@yahoo.co.uk.

Thanks for visiting!
♥ …~…Walk in beauty, namaste…~… ♥


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your blog and your August post. Where did you get that gorgeous rotating Goddess Image?!! – i just bought a set of rotating cards with beautiful images for my son at Waldorf Toys on-line. Nice to find a kindred spirit with similar aesthetics. Here is an autumnal animation I made, that you may like. http://vimeo.com/60955794 Many blessings, P Wyn.

    • Aw thank you, glad you enjoyed it! The goddess wheel is by Wendy Andrews. I love her pictures and the sense of continuity and cycle-ing that it gives me. And my little boy adores anything classified as a wheel!! I got mine in Glastonbury (a few shops there sell them) but you can buy them from her website: http://www.paintingdreams.co.uk/image.php?name=goddess_wheel

      Thanks for sharing your absolutely beautiful video too – I do like! Looking forward to showing it to my son. Bright blessings to you ♥

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