And for the year’s finale: the nasturtiums

IMG_3314Amidst all the withering, drying, releasing and decaying as the year starts to shut up shop… Amidst Mother Earth rubbing her tired eyes and putting up her aching legs… Amidst the thoughts of approaching winter…


… the nasturtiums are still having a riot!


They’ve had a party an a half in our garden this year, these merry show-offs. Some were sown, some probably self-seeded from last year. They’re not looking ready to hang up their glad rags and go to bed yet though, oh no thank you.


I’ve tucked up few of their seeds up to sleep until next year…


…but really these jewels are still busy jazzing up the garden, as well as brightening – and peppering – up my dinner.


This dazzling finale reminds me that the show’s so not over yet: the year’s not completely done. There’s still more to see and relish before the curtain falls. Before I gather up what I need to take to embrace the dark, dream-laden night, I have to ask: “what have I still not quite finished – what have I not quite fulfilled and offered and been – yet this year?”.



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