Some mornings, I’m gifted solitude.


Health-conscious people tell me I should start my day with yoga and a large glass of hot water with lemon. I’ve tried to but I always wake hungry. I think I always have. Perhaps I’m just not so yogic-ly pure and self-controlled!

However, when I reach our kitchen, I go straight to the back door. The delicate sunlight seems vulnerable. Breeze quivers leaves without sound. The garden nods its “good morning” with silent, gentle reverence. It’s like watching a movie in mute. It’s enchanting. I open the door to switch the silent-movie alive and I take a few appreciative breaths. Communion. I do a few little stretches while the kettle boils; my compromise for the lack of something more disciplined.

I nearly always wake early… usually accompanied by my son and his incessant chatter. I well know that, in years to come, when I’m no longer worried about him waking the neighbours, I’ll treasure my memories of greeting the day with him. I’ll miss it. So – although in this year it’s the alone-time I treasure – I pay attention to his voice, to the funny things he talks about, to his posture, the way he flicks his hair and the deliberation with which he spoons his muesli into his beautiful little mouth (insisting on using a big spoon!). I lock these things preciously in my heart for when this wild, crazy season of early parenthood has tumbled by and I can get the memories out again to marvel at with a different, more savouring appreciation. For when I’ll regret not savouring it all more at the time.


Every early morning, I feel the hope, the promise and the renewal offered by the new day in the way that I do at new moon or new year. Or on Mondays. Ayurveda assigns this time to Vata dosha and it certainly feels light, creative and swift-moving to me. I get blown along, sometimes with an idea awakening too. Sometimes just with the memory-making chatter.


4 thoughts on “Morning

  1. Mo, I am touched by these glimpses into your parenting. You are so expressive I can almost feel what it is like to have a small person to bring along in the world. It’s one of the most important responsibilities and I’m certain you are the very sort of human that should be doing this. And I, too, will try to be more observant of the reverence of morning this summer.

    • Aw thank you – it is indeed a very important responsibility and a huge blessing. Yet every day there are moments where I’m not the mama I should – and want to – be. And I guess morning always offers me a fresh start, whatever the previous day held. Wishing you many lovely summer mornings. ♥

    • Thank you. I have been thinking lately of how you and Dad always laid the breakfast table the night before. I think this created a homely gesture of welcome into the kitchen and into the day – even if I came downstairs before either of you. I might adopt this little ritual and pass it on down a generation!xxx

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