Spin your circle bright


Once upon a time, I made a website called HeartShapedHands. I was working as a massage therapist and making things to sell from recycled materials. Most of these things were heart-shaped; I like hearts and figured that our under-loved world could do with a few more. I intended that the website would give info on the therapies I practised and, someday, have a blog and an online shop.

I was pregnant at the time and completely naive about what motherhood would hold. I planned to do my makery whilst my baby had naps…but it turned out my little one wasn’t that into having naps. I planned to do my therapies work from home when others were available to look after baby…but this didn’t work out for many, many reasons.

During this massive transition in my life between its maiden and mother phases, I’d found out among other truths that making hearts just wasn’t as much my passion as other things were. Things like developing my connection with the cycles of the sun, the land, the moon and of our lives – and writing about it. Like sharing photos of sacred spaces that I find and that I create myself – sharing them with the beautiful community of like-minded and like-spirited people I’ve been blessed to find online. The HeartShapedHands name feels a little redundant to what’s become a blog about sacred connection rather than a website showcasing massage and makery. Etsy has developed in the last few years too in ways that I feel now meet my requirements for an online store…all I have to do is restock and reopen my shop! (which I intend to soon).

The words “spin your circle bright” remind me of the joy and fulfilment I get from including small, simple (and occasionally larger and fancier) acts of celebration in my day, week, lunar month, year and for significant events in my life. Acts of thanksgiving, of connection and of ceremony. Acts that are sometimes solitary, sometimes with my son and/or husband and occasionally with a wider group. The words remind me of our glowing sun and full moon – as well my ideal that our planet could “glow” with the collective happiness, hope and vitality of its people if we made it a fairer, kinder place. Many would see our lives as a cycle; here the words speak to me of us creating happier, more fulfilled lives for ourselves – and of helping others to do similar.


The words are from the chant “Lady, spin your circle bright. Weave your web of love and light. Earth, air, fire and water bind us as one”. It’s one of my favourites. It reminds me of how, although individuals, we are all part of the same; all equal. For want of a less clichéd expression, we’re all connected.

Your online companionship in this journey of Earth-centred connection and celebration has been a true gift – particularly when it brings comments and conversations. I hope that you’ll continue to stay with me at spinyourcirclebright.wordpress.com. There’ll be a redirect active for a while, but update the URL in your feed/email subscription to be sure we’ll stay in touch. If you decide not to do so, I’d just like to thank you for walking with me this far and wish you well on the rest of your path. If you decide that you will, then thank you too – and welcome to the next season of these random acts of ceremony.

Brightest blesssings, Mo.xx


2 thoughts on “Spin your circle bright

  1. Is that you spinning, Mo? So beautiful. I understand about transitioning to new passions. I am on the third incarnation of my blog. I look forward to your online store.

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