New moon

In the almost-2 years that we’ve lived in our home, I feel I’ve just about got to know the moon’s path across the local sky through the year. This new moon is the first of the year where, for my first glimpse of it, I have to walk a few streets up the hill. The lighter evenings add a challenge to my four-weekly ritual of hunting the sky for the thin, fragile crescent; she’s paler when sharing the sky with the sun. But it’s when there’s a lot of cloud that I totally lose at my game.


A new crescent from a few months back – hence the darkness. Our camera is currently having a little vacation with a friend of ours, having been left at her wedding!

I enjoy the walk, though sometimes feel just a little self-conscious strolling along my inner-city neighbourhood searching the sky. At new moon I get a lovely buzz of refreshed optimism and excitement. Like many people do at New Years. I make goals, I hope hopes. Planting seeds is the easy part for me. Like a typical Aries, it’s sustaining, persevering and completing projects that are among my stumbling blocks in life. I find an interesting parallel between this trait and my relationship with the moon’s cycles; where new moon is always a happy time for me, full moon is unpredictable. Sometimes I soar on positivity and strong physical energy – my intuition, creativity and nurturing and maternal instincts at their peak. Other full moons I’m tired, irritable, weepy, apathetic and physically bloated – and falling far short of my parenting ideals. I’ll be interested to see if my relationship with the full moon could stabilise as I find my feet more with the mother phase of my life.

After I returned from my walk last night, I lit a candle in my little red corner. I visualised the crescent as I’d seen it shining delicately above and felt the feelings and meanings I associate with new moon inside myself. I said the words below, holding a basket in which I’d assembled items associate the projects I’d like to grow with this moon. One of those is some changes to this blog – it’s time for a new name and some other adjustments. I’ll talk more about that in another post soon.

Happy new moon. ♥♥

“Welcome, welcome daughter moon. Thank you for revealing yourself to me tonight. I welcome your pale smile and the optimism you bring me. I thank you for the return of your light. I’ll walk with you as I nurture these seeds and dreams of mine.

I sometimes feel myself to be a child like you; when I feel naive, delicate and vulnerable. In many ways I feel my mother phase – that I could cradle you as I cradled my son as a a baby. Welcome to all the potential that you hold; I’m looking forward to growing with you”.


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