Spring altar / sacred nature table

In spring, our sacred nature table/ altar seems to change gradually – a winter thing or two removed one week, a spring symbol added next, and so on. For me this reflects how spring often seems to enter quite gradually as well as, perhaps. how we might introduce gradually the changes, new paths and projects we dream up at the winter solstice.IMG_2901


Something I really do like for this beautiful time of year is to have some fresh seasonal flowers on the table – ideally from our garden (leaving some for the bees!), or a local producer. Of course, this in itself requires regular attention to the space and changing of these fresh flowers as they die. I like to change flowers’ water and trim their stems with my son; he often seems to enjoy engaging with this process of caring for and maintaining things. In the West we have such a throw-away consumerist culture where many individuals, corporations and governments don’t seem to value taking care of the Earth which sustains us. In fact, they do much to harm it. I aim to demonstrate a more sensitive and sustainable attitude towards nature in this little member of the future society that I’m blessed to raise. He likes having a flower or two of his own in his bedroom.


When the flowers do die, I try to remember to give thanks for their gift of beauty and cheer as I put them in the compost.

We also collect things from outside that have been discarded – like the fallen blossom petals below. Yesterday we added some hyacinth flowers that had become detached, today a dandelion and daffodil head found on pavements.


The picture at the back is some artwork that I made at college for a project on daffodils. Daffs are such an icon of March for me, as I wrote about here. I think it’s fair to say they’re pretty well represented on our nature table! The artwork is now in our lounge on our mantlepiece. I decided it was nice to have one or two seasonal focal points in each room to catch my eye when I’m doing housework / contemplating which brand of tea to buy / negotiating untidiness limits with my son. To draw my attention back to what’s really important in my life and connects me with a place of inner peace.


I’ve had the little crystal bunny below since babyhood. Sadly. her ears have been lost along the way!


Our spring book basket.


As part of our spring equinox tasks, I removed the dark blue cloth hanging over the table that was our “night sky” to symbolise the daylight now exceeding the darkness. (The ice and snow symbols pictured were removed a few weeks ago, when we conceded reluctantly that we would not be getting any snow until at least next winter).


However, our sheep – added to the table at Imbolc – have stayed. (Knitted from pattern in Landscape Magazine).


Our goddess wheel (by Wendy Andrew) has also been turned to Ostara…


…who was kind enough to bring us some chocolate eggs! (They’re made by Divine. And are so!)


Some “new arrivals” came to Dylan’s farm too! These little chicks, made by Ostheimer.


And some seasonal decorations – and equinox-symbolic food! – on our kitchen table too. We used to have our altar on our kitchen table but found that it took up too much space. The card is the first handmade Mothers’ Day card that I’ve received – heart-melting!


Blessing for the lighter half of the year.♥


2 thoughts on “Spring altar / sacred nature table

  1. I like to see all of your special possessions, especially your bunny with lost ears. It’s hard for me to describe, but it makes me feel like I know you better. Like when you go to the house of a very old friend and you know all the little treasures on their shelves from years of going to visit.

    • Aw thank you! Yes possessions can tell so many stories and say a lot about people. It’s a blessing the internet brings to build interactions and relationships with people through their words and pictures – particularly when geographical distance prevents doing so via a cup of tea! ♥

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