I love dainty, cheery crocuses. As Cicely Mary Barker so beautifully described:

         “…Like a cup of light, –

Hundreds of them are smiling up,

Each with a flame in its shining cup,

By the touch of the warm and welcome sun

Opened suddenly. Spring’s begun!…”

From “The Song of the Crocus Fairies” by Cicely Mary Barker.


I recently bought myself  my son “Flower Fairies of the Spring”: a sweet little collection of some of her works. Whilst we as a family are familiar with the more commonly-known flowers, like crocuses, I’m hoping that this pretty book can serve as a guide to help us learn others, as well as to celebrate the beauty of this season. (And to indulge my near-obsession with fae!). ♥



8 thoughts on “Crocuses

  1. Mo, I brought my father a pot of purple crocus when he was sick. They were just starting to break through the dirt. He kept them by his bedside where he could see them bloom. Thank you for telling me about the cups of light. I am so grateful to you. It brings new meaning to this flower for me and deepens and strengthens my memory of him.

    • Such a lovely gift – part of nature growing and opening brought inside for someone to experience more closely during a difficult time. I’d not thought about the “cups of light” before I’d read the poem either, but love the description too. I’m sure that when I read it in future, it will remind me of this conversation, so am glad to have shared that light! ❤

  2. I love the Flower Fairies books! I read one of the “Flower Fairies of the Spring” poems for my dad’s and stepmom’s wedding when I was 18. I, too, have always had an obsession with fairies/fae. 🙂

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