Summer stillness


I’ve been thinking a lot about stillness in this past week since the summer solstice. The word solstice comes from Latin: sol being sun and sistere being to stand still. This has echoed in my head all week – in the way that words, phrases or lessons have a habit of doing when I really should pay attention to them. I feel it so relevant to the call I feel at midsummer to take stock and celebrate, yet I find the message so easy to ignore.

It seems wise to make room for stillness in these long, hot, busy, busy days. Busy with garden tasks and other works, with going out on adventures to enjoy the weather, with social gatherings, with celebrations at home and away and always busy with family life and the normal day-to-day tasks. Busy in my head with numerous half-finished projects and ideas for more, with the headiness of the heat and the nagging sense of urgency to do it all before whatever (often self-imposed) deadline.

Sure, there are planting times and other deadlines that sometimes do need prioritising or the opportunity – or obligation – will be missed. But I’m not very good at prioritising being still. I know the benefits and reap them when I do make time to just be – indoors or out – or when I meditate. When I just let myself be present in that space. When I stand still.

It’s an important space to acknowledge and honour, the day between the year’s waxing and waning halves; the day the sun stands still. I know it’s important too to find and hold that same peaceful space in my everyday life. In the transition from morning to afternoon, from waking to sleeping, between activities, between thoughts, between breaths. This stillness is not only important for me (and those around me who benefit from a calmer Mo!) but important for me to model and teach to my son; to help him know and find stillness within and without. The more stillness and peace that we as individuals can create, the more that can ripple out into this busy, busy world. I just have to prioritise. ♥




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