A day in the garden in the sunshine getting in the last of our seeds and finishing the cold frame just as seedlings start begging to be transplanted. And getting under each others’ feet as is to probably be expected with 2 adults and a toddler – all with their own ideas and strong wills – in a fairly small space. Not getting round to the tidying up that we could really do with doing. June can be busy. The solstice approaches, energy building up as if the ticking off of calendar days becomes the powerful rhythm of a circle of drummers. Sometimes I find that beat beautifully meditative, sometimes it gets too heady. I can feel myself starting to spin with tasks – seeds to get in before their “plant by” date, fruit bushes to net because yay the berries are forming!, household cleaning that’s been neglected amidst the extra time outside, dinner to cook because how did the afternoon vanish so quickly?, goals and projects still incomplete.


As I think of midsummer day in just three weeks, I’d do well to remember its theme of celebration; of taking time to step back, honour and admire what is nearly ripe in my garden, across the land and in the rest of my life. To prepare to celebrate the pregnant land goddess. Celebrate her as friends of an expectant woman do when they gather together for a baby shower or blessingway a few weeks before she is “due”. I don’t need to give myself even more to do planning an elaborate solstice-day celebration complete with a themed feast, a mission out to the wild and a fancy ritual. No, in recent times I’ve come to appreciate and see the subtle power in simple celebrations.

In these three weeks, I can mindfully prepare by celebrating nature’s bounty as I see it; as I tend to it in my garden, as I pass it in the park, as I feel it in the air and in my soul. I can prioritise my utilisation of the sun’s strong energy whilst it’s here (I mean, just how many squash seedlings will our dinky urban garden have room for anyway?!) and I can recognise my own ego – and sometimes greed – in the task list I’ve created. I can still be busy, yes, but who wants to be too tired for the party? Although June may invite us to dance faster to that rising beat, I’m sure we can still keep our balance as we do so. ♥







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