Moon phase yoga


Something I’m trying to work on at the moment is my yoga practice – specifically, to actually have a daily yoga practice. I know I feel good when I do. Good in so many ways. The stability of rhythm and routine grounds – and the relaxing nature of the hatha yoga practice balances – what Ayurveda describes as my vata tendencies. Plus there’s the myriad well-known physical benefits of regular yoga and, if considering that I’m sure it makes me a better person to be around, social benefits too!

Something else that I’m loving is for yoga to be part of my connection and celebration of solar and lunar cycles – particularly the moon’s phases. For example, there’s a special little sequence that I’ve practised for a while now at each full moon, first learned at a womb yoga class. I like to practise the half-moon pose and new moon pose at those respective days too.

This morning, with the luxurious peace of having my in-laws’ rural house to myself, I was finding my mind focussing a lot on the moon’s current phase. I call the waning crescent the “vanishing moon”; she is old, at the end of her life, winding down, resting and reflecting. Images kept coming into my mind of a wise but tired hag, of late Autumn as the solar calendar equivalent; the end of the harvest when the plants and crops that are left start to rot back into the earth. I felt drawn to poses that seemed to focus on the ground. Gazing at it in cat/dog, having so much of my body in contact with it in cobra, likewise extended child’s pose and seated forward bends. And then the side-reclining leg lift (anantasana) because it reminded me a little of this image:

earth spirit, sculpture

(image via with thanks).

A strong invitation that came to me as I walked my thirtieth birthday labyrinth a few weeks ago was to connect more deeply with Earth goddess figures. Today I felt that relationship deepen through the poses I was drawn to and the images and messages I received whilst in them. As we enter the dark moon in the next few days – the phase that represents, barrenness, insight, transformation and rebirth to me – I’m intrigued to see if my yoga practice and nature-based spirituality continue to draw from each other in this way. Now that I’m giving them a bit more time to have the opportunity to. 



8 thoughts on “Moon phase yoga

  1. What a wonderful way to combine your yoga practice and earth goddess spirituality – being new to yoga I am interested in doing the same. Enjoy your stay in the rural haven and I hope that your daily practice flourishes 🙂

  2. I love, love, love this idea! I wonder if my rigid tendencies would allow for a fluid practice like this. I am definitely going to come up with sequences that feel right for me on the full and new moon, and maybe at the half moons too. Skipping my usual routine of sequences will not kill me! 😀

    • Thank you! Really glad you find it inspiring. Haha – a little more routine to my practice would probably do me good! I do try to be aware of what my body feels it needs and goes in phases of its own – often I want poses to given my shoulders and back a good stretch, at other times corpse pose and yoga nidra seem to be what I most need. And when I was pregnant it was all about poses for my hips! Hope some experimenting brings you benefits – or it may just be that the consistency works best for you. ❤

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