Out of the darkness and into the light; Beltaine

On this eve, the first summer night
Out of the darkness and into the light
Set the Beltaine fires alight
Season of the Goddess return
Hail! Hail! the Queen of the May
Now is the season, now is the day
A time to laugh and a time to play
Hail! Hail! the Queen of the May
Through the time when the green leaves hide
The dream of summer has kept us alive
Through the darkness we have survived
Season of the Goddess return
Let the leaves be green again
Let us all be free from pain
Out of the ice and into the flame
Season of the Goddess return!

Queen of the May, Inkubus Sukkubus

Tonight, many who follow a nature-orientated spiritual path will start celebrations for the cross-quarter festival of Beltaine (or Beltane). I personally tend to wait until the May full moon and for when I’ve seen a few hawthorn flowers to celebrate what this festival symbolises to me – the start of summer, the fertility and beauty of nature (and so our own fertility, beauty and sexuality), the life phase of young adulthood, the day now being noticeably longer than the night. Yet, as many people will celebrate some or all of these things this week, I’ll join my heart with theirs; there’s no harm in extending my own party a little!


Indeed I felt this sense of kindred values and shared celebration when I visited Glastonbury yesterday. It’s reason I go there 2-4 times a year; I get a special kind of nourishment from it (in spite of the logistical super-challenge the day often turns out to be with a little person’s needs to meet, as well as a those of two big people. But it’s the things in life with the most rewards that sometimes take the most work). My feeling is that the nourishment comes from the spirits of that area’s history and ancestors, the leylines that cross around there, the beauty of that landscape,  the lovely people and general vibe. the magic of all the creative and healing work that people do there, the spring that I always fill a few bottles from and the nurture of places like the Goddess Temple and the Chalice Well Gardens.

A theme of my thoughts and revelations from our visit yesterday was of, as the song above says, coming out of the darkness and into the light; out of the immoveably solid ice of recent struggles and into the flames of an inspired, joyful, bright life. We’re feeling that ice start to melt now, my husband starts a new job next week where he’ll work fewer hours and my month of giving myself some serious mind. body and spirit care has benefited us all. it feels as though there really is beauty, light, fertility, blossoming projects to celebrate. And, as with any rough patch I’ve ever been through, there’s certainly a lot of growth to give thanks for. All hail indeed.

Happy Beltaine-tide 

For some Beltaine inspiration and general celebration by way of beautiful images, check out my Pinterest board here!


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