What to do…on the Spring Equinox

As the festivals and special days that I celebrate chapter up each year’s story, I notice differences in the tone in which I tell it. At some. I’m drawn to inner work; to meditate alone in a candlelight room or quiet, wild outdoor place. Or to walk mindfully – alone. Or to reflect, or journey or soulsearch in womb-like darkness.and silence .To connect with the season through my soul and hopefully emerge with a little more insight.

At others I just want to DO – to connect to the season with my hands and physical senses- and this is how I feel about tomorrow’s equinox. Am I spending the eve of this so-significant day contemplating the symbolism of balance and springtime fertility? No! I’m online  😀

My yearning for tomorrow is just to have a little time outside doing a few gardening tasks and getting the garden ready for planting – with, of course, my two-year-old “assistant”. (although he may well be occupied with the Noisy Corner I made for him today: basically a selection of old pans and buckets strung up for him to hit. I’m sure all our neighbours in our terrace – and the one behind – will LOVE it!). And to have a little time inside decorating some blown eggs (if I can blow them successfully!) and perhaps knitting some of these from Landscape Magazine to remind us of the 3-day-old cuties that we saw at out city farm today. (Usually after visiting said farm I describe myself as “shroody”: broody for some sheep).

There will be chocolate eggs, probably some baking, and likely more celebration at the weekend when Rob won’t be working. As we tip over the brink to the half of the year ruled by the sun who calls us to go outside and to do. I think that’s what I’ll be up to. ♥

2 thoughts on “What to do…on the Spring Equinox

  1. ‘Spring is coming to the land,
    The days grow longer,
    Warm breezes begin to stir.
    All around us we see signs –
    The growing things are beginning anew.’
    (by Aurora.)

    May your spring equinox celebrations bring you joy and reward.


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