Emerging with strength


  • Dainty crocuses following the lead of the snowdrops to break out in flower and nod – as if shivering – in these storms,
  • The golden glow of the early daffodils in these gloomy days.
  • The tiny green shoots of our first seedlings of the year – aw, those sweet little leaves!!
  • Resurfacing from a little parenting tough spot,
  • The support and help provided by my mum coming to stay for a few days – and the golden child-free time with my husband Rob that this facilitated,
  • The satisfaction of a finished project,
  • Hearing more birdsong,
  • Seeing the first lambs
  • The inspiring tales of people helping each other out in flooded areas,
  • A sunny day! And the joy of putting housework on hold so we could go out to the woods to make the most of it,
  • Being able to organise our garden shed because of the shelves Rob knocked up at the weekend,
  • More hours of daylight,
  • Buds forming on our fruit bushes,
  • Getting over a few little health niggles,
  • Success with some techniques for retaining personal strength and sanity


I hope that you are seeing and feeling some strength and light in your days too!  ♥

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