Spread the love ……. ♥





I read quite a few American blogs and books and get the impression that Valentines Day in the US celebrates love in a wider sense than romantic love. (which is what we tend to focus on in the UK on this day). I really like the American approach! I mean, think how many hearts we could be adorning the world with if we weren’t just giving cards to our partners (or would-be partners)! I’d have to start a whole new Pinterest board!

One of my favourite parenting blogs shared some lovely ideas this week on Valentines family activities. One was to cut hearts out of coloured paper  – or have your kids colour the shapes cut from plain paper – and hand them out at random. To the person who serving you in the shop, to the bus driver, to classmates and friends, to the homeless person sat in the subway. As inspired to do this as I feel, that inspiration is unfortunately outweighed by the fear that my fellow Brits might misinterpret my intentions!

So, how to spread the Valentines love wider than romance whilst being all Britishly reserved about it?

Of course I do want to celebrate the romance in my life. Every day, I acknowledge my gratitude for the amazing, beautiful blessing that is my husband and soulmate Rob.  I make this more-than-daily acknowledgement to myself and to him and we don’t usually make a lot of Valentines Day. But this one is special; my mum is staying and there is the quite-rare opportunity for some child-free time for the two of us.  This gift from her is more special than any that could be bought.

Sometime today I will sit quietly and visualise all the love that is in the air across our world today. All the feelings of hope, of positive feeling, of gratitude, if connectedness, of love. And all those images of hearts! I’ll visualise a heart – or perhaps the gorgeous Wendy Andrews card that i couldn’t resist buying, see it here – and feel the message I feel in that image. Then I’ll send out that feeling; to all lands, all people, all animals, to everyone I know and everyone I don’t. To myself. Across geography, across time, across differences. Do join me!

Happy Valentines ♥ ♥ ♥


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