Time to birth

To me the waning moon represents birthing and harvesting. I see the full moon as the round belly that the 3rd trimester of pregnancy creates (and oh how the belly of a soon-to-be-mama is certainly high on my list of Things I Find Most Beautiful!).  It speaks to me of the completion of gestation, of nearly-ripe crops, of the project that is now tangible and nearly fit for its purpose. And of light at the end of the tunnel. In pregnancy, the belly actually tends to “drop” sometime in the final weeks before birth, so I see the full moon as representing a time a little before that drop. I feel invited to slow down. to celebrate, to admire, to feel the magic, to turn inward, to honour my instincts and intuition, to give thanks.

As the moon gradually edges away, I’m reminded of those final weeks of pregnancy where birth can happen at any moment. You’re called to surrender; to stay near to where you plan to birth, to not make any big or fixed commitments. Most natural-birth experts advise surrendering to your body and your baby as you labour to bring them “earthside”. In the birthing of my own child, I surrendered the natural, spiritual, lovely birth I planned to a very medicalised un-lovely one in order to save his life. In other areas of life where we birth and harvest, we maybe surrender to doing the overtime hours needed to meet that work deadline, or to spending sunny days in the kitchen preserving and storing the garden’s harvest to keep our cupboards stocked through winter.

For me, birth is not just the hours in labour, or the date when you release that product. I feel that I am still birthing Dylan and will be for many years to come as he gradually becomes more independent. From being in the womb, to babe-in-arms, to crawling and walking, to one day leaving our family home (and a few stages in between!).  I also see this point in my life as kind of yoyo-ing between the full and just-waning moon because, although I have become a mother, I hope for more children. (and of course, at times I feel very much a naive child- see this Daughter Moon post!) Someone else may build more than one career, or write more than one novel, or birth children AND a strong career. In a smaller-scale analogy (as fits the lunar cycle), we work on many projects. Right now I ask myself questions like: what do I need to release because things have moved on? What do I need to gather up because this is the opportunity for getting the best from it? What has come and served its purpose but now needs to receive my gratitude and be prepared for closure? What am I done with and ready to let go of? (ie: is it time to just get on and push “Publish” on the blogpost that I keep tinkering with?!)

Blessings for whatever you’re birthing ♥


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