The new calendar year, new moon and just-rebirthed sun are all bringing me a sense of renewal and freshness as I wrote about yesterday. I call the new moon the “Daughter Moon”, representing to me the child phase of our life before she becomes a maiden, mother, crone and hag. Although rain clouds shroud her tonight where I live, during the last two evenings I’ve enjoyed a little time with her. Mere minutes – but very special ones. In those few minutes, I saw the parallel between new beginnings and chiildhood and immediately saw various images of my son in energetic play and eager exploration. I see such images in real life several times each day and adore his sense of wonder and excitement at the world. I adore how it brings up a sense of wonder in me. Yet with a young child, there is also the naivety, the need for guidance, help and boundaries. For mentoring.

I thought of all my goals and hopes for this moon and this year; seeds sown and dreams dreamt both for my own projects and the ones made by my husband and I together. I thought of the need for us to be childlike from time to time – particularly when embarking on something new. To let excitment and awe override all the adult “shoulds” and inhibitions we so easily acquire.  To feel fresh and playful. To recognise our naivety and reach out for guides and mentors for our new projects. Guidance from people we know, from online or print resources, from the things that inspire us and that we connect to, from the sincere voice of our heart, from the whisper on the wind.

That naivety can feel so vulnerable. It can hound out confidence and trust and scare us away from what we want altogether. I think again of my goals – it might be easier not to bother, not to try. But my heart and soul have dreamt them up, conceived them and brought them into my consciousness, bringing with them excitment and hope. I look forward to them growing with the growing light, and to myself growing through growing them. ♥


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