“The time is long overdue for a little housekeeping of the soul. We all get so complicated in our lives. So walk and just walk, sit and just sit, be and just be…”      Bonfire, Lamb

Retreat is the word that’s been on my lips this week. This cold, dark week, where my garden has felt the first little frost of this year: the sign from which I take my cue to welcome winter. Non-calendar Samhain, if you like. I see nature retreat inside herself; she pulls herself under the soil, back into the tree branches as they become barer, into hibernation, into the roots. We retreat inside our homes to nurture ourselves through the dark evenings. Those of us who are so inclined “turn inward” through reflection, meditation, divination and such arts. This week, I’ve found myself pretty deep inside my own head – you know, where the really old cobwebs are. Where the stacks of uneasy memories, unfinished business, losses and grudges all await their fate. Will they be resolved with a healthy sense of closure? Will they be forgotten completely? This is one of those times that decides. This time of transformation, as new dreams and ideas are peering round the corners, checking out if there’s any space yet for them to invite themselves into the new year. Welcome, welcome: I’m making room. I’m making room by, among other things, having retreated to my mum’s house for a few days. Because I’m breastfeeding Dylan, he and i don’t have more than about 6 hours or so away from each other, but my mum’s a kind and creative lady. Whilst I’m here, she’ll take him out for a bit, bring him back for when he needs, be generally wonderful with nappy changes etc so I can get a little time to write, to make, to catch up and to just have some space for “a little housekeeping of the soul”. I feel that nature is inviting us to retreat at this time, to curl back into a dark but nourishing mysterious place to nurture ourselves and prepare for rebirth. Welcome, winter. ♥


2 thoughts on “retreat

  1. I found myself going through old photographs this weekend. I’ve also over the past two weeks or so been doing a lot of clutter-clearing – mostly in my parents’ house, where all my old stuff that I don’t use any more has built up over the years. I wish I had the time to fully retreat, but I just have to take what I can get! It sounds like you’re getting the stillness you need, which is great.

    • Ah, I love a good de-clutter! Yes, I’d love to go away on a retreat but know that now’s not the right time for me to do so due to financial limitations and family commitments. But, yes, those mini-retreats when opportunities arise can work wonders too- as this week has done for me. Have a good weekend ❤

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