Autumn equinox: stillness

IMG_1596I am rarely still. A naturally fidgety, restless person who, in a single waking hour is likely to be busy juggling many activities, I am very much vata (space and air) dominant in my Ayurvedic constitution. Furthermore, my mind skips about from one dream, memory, worry, idea or opinion to another. I also spend every day with my go-go-go toddler. As i realised when I recently did a course and found three hour stints of sitting and learning unfamiliarly challenging, i am rarely still.

At least I’m not alone, for nature is in constant motion too. Today is one of just two days annually where we have equal light and dark. The moon, too, has only two days of equilibrium in her cycle and arguably the actual points of balance are mere seconds, for our Earth is of course constantly turning.

IMG_1587Yet there are so many reasons to make time for stillness; the benefits of meditation, pranayama (yogic breathing), relaxation and a good night’s sleep are all well=documented. At this change-ful time of year where the leaves are falling, the winds are dancing, the temperature is dropping (in fluctuations) and many of us have been so busy gathering and preserving our material and inner harvests, a little stillness today would be a good idea. I’ve got a ban on housework (and, after this, screen time!). We’re planning a gentle walk, and celebrations involving yesterday’s bakings of apple cake and pumpkin and pecan bread, plus a stew that combines seasonal local veg and eastern falvours. Having enjoyed starting my day with some outdoor pranayama and stillness, I hope that towards the end of the day I will make time for some meditation too.

Happy equinox ♥


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