midsummer healing part 1

Last Saturday, I took a little respite from my 24/7 job of home-making and mama-ing for a Healing Day. This divine  – but quite necessary – treat comprised of a reflexology session and a womb yoga circle. Reflexology is fairly well-known about (although, for those that don’t, an explanation better than I could give can be found here) and provides a beautiful sense of grounding that I find really beneficial at this heady time of year. Womb yoga is perhaps a less common term. No, there’s no stretching about of the uterus into contortionist postures and poses; it’s more to do with connecting to the divine feminine and to our womanly cycles, energies and creativity as individuals and as a group. (It’s much, much more comprehensively explained here).

In the way that I view the seasons, midsummer’s abundance of flowers and food almost ready for the harvest correlates to the heavily pregnant goddess who will soon give birth. The welcome opportunity to connect to that aspect of the goddess within myself took me back to being heavily pregnant. I loved the feeling of being pregnant, was excited that I would soon meet my child, yet was a little nervous of all that that would entail and the inevitable changes, sacrifices and challenges that motherhood would bring. All of us – men and women – probably have various “pregnancies” and “births” within our lives; projects, products, life phases, dreams etc may follow a similar journey to the one that a mother follows as she grows, births and nurtures her child. IMG_0213

In celebrating the  fullness and abundance of this time of year, the womb yoga circle also provided support with these things; although having  fullness and abundance in our lives can feel beautiful and fortunate, it can also feel busy and tiring.  In late pregnancy, I was certainly tired! Associating with this time of the year with the womb also provided an opportunity for me to connect with my own womb in a healing way; since my son’s emergency C-section birth, it’s been quite hard for me to have positive feelings towards this part of my body.

However, let’s not forget the god in all this. Just as conceiving a child takes male and female, other projects and dreams that we grow and birth often involve external sources of support, nourishment and collaboration; midsummer is a time for celebrating and giving thanks for that too. Although in the womb yoga circle we honoured  the creative, healing energies of our own womb space, we also tapped into the collective energy and power of us as a group connecting to those energies. At this time of year full of festivals and gatherings, there’s wonderful potential for all that sunny sense of community, fun and positivity to be spread far and wide and carried forward into the future. Imagine what a happy world that would make! ♥

2 thoughts on “midsummer healing part 1

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