Half-moon: halt that hamster wheel

“I’ve just been so busy my feet have barely touched the ground”, “modern life is so stressful”, “things have been really hectic for us lately”, “it’s just one thing after another” …

I don’t know how often I hear these catchphrases. Pretty often. At the risk of sounding smug, I know that my life is usually slower paced than many feel theirs to be. Not just slower because I’m often walking at toddler-pace and doing things in toddler-time, (like finishing dinner then starting again three times!), but slower because of choices I’ve made and just because of the shape my life happens to be right now.

Not this past 2 weeks. Oh no. The phonecalls and thinking and talking and emails and texting and house viewings and more thinking, more talking has just been constant as we’ve tried to find somewhere to move to by the end of this month. I’ve heard people describe a busy lifestyle as being like a hamster running round and round in its wheel – it’s been just like that! I used to have a hamster and I can see her doing it now; I can almost feel in my head what she must have felt in her tiny legs. Exhausting.

But now it’s stopped; we have somewhere to move to. I’m relieved and happy, grateful and calmer. I can close Rightmove on my net browser and relax all those tensions I just realised I’ve been holding in my body. As I get the feeling that “my feet have finally touched the ground”, I remember how important that feeling is to me. I savor the physical sensation of the ground beneath my feet, being aware of them supporting my legs and the rest of my body. I enjoy the feeling of my body feeling solid and strong. Breathing in, my full lungs feel healthy. Stretching out, I greet the space around me with a smile.

resize first quarter

I see the half-moon as a reminder to ground myself and to reconnect with where I’ve been, what my goals for this moon are and how I’m doing with achieving them. To make a few moments to enjoy that grounded feeling in, however hectic life feels in the moments that precede and follow.

Happy half-moon ♥



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