Belatine / new moon

Yesterday was my first sighting of the new moon, this moon that is set to hold a few new things for us. It was also my first sighting of the hawthorn flowers, which is when I celebrate the enchanting, colourful energy of Beltaine. 

I mark this as the start of summer. The breeze now scatters fruit tree blossoms like confetti to welcome the green goddess – and oh how green the trees have quickly become! How lush and fertile nature looks: so very beautiful. I often find the midsummer energy quite heady and tend to prefer the pretty, more gentle colours around at Beltaine-tide. Easier on my eyes, easier on my soul. These past couple of weeks I’ve found myself getting tied up in the details, dealings and stresses of moving house. Such a big earthly matter can hog the whole stage leaving little energy for the creative and the spiritual things in my life.

Some say that at Beltaine, and it’s counterpart Samhain (happy Samhain to those in the Southern Hemisphere!), are the times where the veils between our worlds and others are at their thinnest. Many also associate this festival with sexual energy (symbolised by the maypole and crown of flowers), celebrating nature’s fertility mirrored in us – not just in terms of reproduction but also the fertility for creative work, for personal projects, for wonderful ideas, for blossoming friendships and relationships. These things of course need watering, tending, pruning and being given enough room and light in order to grow to their full potential – but what a difference a good start makes. 

IMG_1192 IMG_1203

For a celebration of lovely creative works on a Beltaine theme, see my Pinterest board. Such inspiring things bring my consciousness back to the beauty and faery charm of this celebration, reminding me to make time to connect with my husband, and to go outside and see the hawthorn flowers, walk through the scattered apple blossom, find a bluebell wood and look up at the moon. Sure, we really do need to find somewhere to live in the next 2 weeks. But the heart, soul and spirit still need their food and homes taken care of.

Beltaine blessings ♥



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