Half moon health

We’re a day or so past the half moon, that bi-monthly rest point. You know, you’re out for a nice, long country walk and have been plodding up a steep hill for quite a while now. You’re enjoying the exercise, the fresh air and the scenery but your legs are getting a little tired and your breathing’s not quite as easy as normal. You spy a bench, situated at a lovely view point, and you smile in relief as you ease yourself down to glug some water and sit for a few minutes.

Refreshed as this rest makes you, sometimes it can be pretty hard to get up and continue your climb. For me, this is the energy of the half moon; a rest that can turn into a rut. This is why I try to incorporate gentle movement into my diet and activities on half moon days; spices in my food and drink, (This article justifies my aforementioned chai tea habit!),  a little wheatgrass shot, fresh air, some gentle yoga and a little self-massage.

wheatgrass in grass


It’s this tendency for obstacles that I blame for this post being a day late…technology issues, toddler issues, tiredness. All temporary, all frustrating at the time and none important in the grand scheme of things ♥


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