Relax with the waning moon

waning gibbous

To be honest, I feel a little relief when the moon starts to wane. The excitement at the fresh energy of the new moon and starting new projects and goals, then the buzzing busyness that this brings for that fortnight, plus the sowing and planting that biodynamic gardening recommends for most plants during this phase…it can all make things feel a little heady for me come full moon. As the moon starts to shrink – now visible in the morning rather than evening – I feel the equivalent to when you sigh into a comfy chair at the end of a hectic day, stretching out aching limbs and grabbing a comforting drink and book. You’ve enjoyed the day but have looked forward to putting your feet up.

The diminishing light of the waning moon connects me to tasks of “releasing” that I generally do during this phase; letting go of unwanted/unneeded physical or emotional things; harvesting, healing and mending activities. I see it as the autumn of the lunar cycle, the time to direct energy inwards. So I may spend more time reading, looking at things that inspire me, or meditating.

I find that I can also relax a little more with my health; my body seems to naturally flush out and detox more easily during this time. Sure, I still follow a plant-rich wholefood diet as that’s what I believe is good for us. However, I can relax a little with the foods I otherwise find it hard to digest. Following this principle would suggest that it may be wise to up our nutrient intake during the waning moon; it may not only be the nasties that get flushed out easily!

In addition to my gratitude to the connection I feel with our beautiful and mystical moon, I love having this framework to direct my focus and task-management. Many of us complain that modern life is so hectic and hamster wheel-like; I find this rhythm grounds and simplifies my life. ♥

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