Pink moon this morning


I found myself awake early this morning and oh what a stunning treat was waiting outside for me! Having a little moon-bathe in this soft, pretty pink glow was such a gentle way to start the day. Now I’ve not read much about the reported meanings and messages of a pink moon, partly because I don’t tend to with these things; I prefer to delve inside my heart to find my own. How do I instinctively feel standing in the glow of this moon? If I focus on my breath to turn off that mental chatterchatterchatter we’re all prone too, what images or messages or feelings invite themselves on in?

Even for those who don’t really click with the concept of intuition or spirituality, I doubt there’s many who wouldn’t enjoy such a sight from a purely aesthetic point of view. And stopping for a few minutes to indulge your eyes in beauty is definately time well spent in my book. ♥




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