Earth Day ♥

“it’s a good world. It’s a good, good, good, good world. And it’s a fine world. It’s a fine, fine, fine, fine world. And I think that maybe if we sing this over and over again – like a mantra  – it will manifest somehow.”  Martha Tilston

Earth Day is an allocated day each year when people from all over the world actively do something, or pledge to do something, beneficial for the planet, or organise an event to promote environmental awareness. How awesomely inspiring to think of so many people wanting to nurture and heal our beautiful planet! See for a probably-more-comprehensive explanation.

Here in our household, we’re working on 3 new goals to try to tread more lightly on our Earth…

  1. We are trialing being bin-free. We have been finding that our standard-sized pedal bin is just dis-proportionally large for the amount we throw away. When we asked ourselves what exactly it is that we chuck out, plastic food packaging turned out to be the main guilty culprit! We had thought that we don’t buy much pre-packed food; we tend to go for loose fruit and veggies, we very rarely buy ready meals, we buy some dry goods in big 5kg bags and we recycle things like tins, glass and plastic tubs. It’s the pesky bit of plastic wrapping the pasta or the nuts or the cheese comes in that we’re left with. What we’re now doing is taking food packaging that’s a usable plastic bag (for example, like most pasta come in) and using that to bag all the other little bits of rubbish, then putting it straight out in the wheelie bin.
  2. Using the lights less. All hail the candle! Eating and getting Dylan ready for bed by candlelight creates a much calmer, more special, atmosphere. And particularly now we’re in the lightest half of the year, each time I flick the light on, I’m asking myself if it’s really necessary; do I need a light on just to grab something from this room? Do I need to turn on the bathroom light when I’ve left the door open and the landing light is on anyway? Our kitchen is in the middle of the house and so can be quite dark. It’s the room we tend to gravitate towards but I’m asking myself if I could read/use the internet/hang out in another, better-lit room to avoid flicking that switch.
  3. Living life in closer connection with nature.  Noticing and celebrating nature’s cycles, prioritising time outside each day, being more mindful in everything we do. Our little lad really helps us with this; walking at toddler-pace and seeing through toddler eyes slows us right down into the here and now – and how beautiful and interesting it all is. It’s so good for us to savour our experiences rather than to treat the day as a to-do list and wear ourselves out skimming its surface.

gobi desert

Happy Earthday! ♥


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