Waxing moon – nourishing

So the lunar-living theory goes that the waxing moon’s energy helps things grow and expand, increasing as she does. I see this as a time to nurture; for example, to nurture our established seedlings by planting them out, nurture our projects by giving them some of our time and energy, and nurture ourselves through attending to our health.

The thinking is that during this part of the lunar cycle, we “absorb” more easily. I personally notice that I’m more prone to bloating during the waxing period, so I reduce the amount of wheat in my diet (and try to avoid white flour altogether) during this time. I drink spiced tea (mostly caffeine-free rooibus); ginger, cinnamon and cardamom really work for me in keeping things moving through my digestive system. In Ayurveda, using warming spices like this is recommended to keep the digestive fire (agni) strong, so I eat warm meals cooked with mild spices too, particularly the evening meal.

During the waxing moon I find that I need to wash my hair slightly more often and that my hands don’t usually get so dry (absorbing my moisturiser better). Observing patterns such as these is still a relatively new journey for me and I’m finding it really interesting. It’s so empowering to then be able to make dietary or lifestyle adjustments that maintain good health throughout the month. Give it a go! ♥

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