New moon – reasons to celebrate

“Happy new moon!”

This is what we say to each other in our house on the night that we first see the slight silver crescent n the early evening sky. Sometimes this is several nights after the dark moon if clouds have hidden the delicate curve from view. Each evening i look out eagerly for her, my eyes searching the area of the sky where she will seem to recline back as she sinks towards the horizon. I feel excitement in my monthly moon-huniting, reminiscent of the energy of being in a pub or club on New Year’s Eve. Although I’ve never been big on New Year – a festival of a human-made rather than natural cycle and, in the UK, the mass drunkeness can just get a bit vulgar – I have always found something special in that buzz. The buzz that starts as the night creeps on and everyone starts checking the time, checking it again, making sure they won’t be needing the loo as the clock strikes, Then, at midnight, the smiles and cheers and hugs and greetings shared between everyone, be they friends, lovers or strangers. The sense of fresh energy, hope and new goals to look forward to that it brought by the new calendar year.


One of our reasons in our house for connecting to the lunar cycle is to feel this lovely energy 13 times a year instead of one. Well, 15 if you count New Year’s Eve and your birthday too!. We find that it keeps life more in perspective to make plans every 28-29 days and review how they are going through the lunar month (more in that in future posts). I’m sure many people have found that you start the year with various aims and then they fizzle out and kind of get lost. Or you wish away the year looking forward to the big things like your holiday abroad.

This more frequent planting of your ideas-seeds also means you can be more specific, which fits well with the SMART approach to goal making that is largely considered more likely to read to success in achieving them. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely). For example, rather than just saying “I’d like to be more creative”, you might say “this month I’d like to start knitting that hat I’ve bought the pattern and yarn for”. Similarly, you may re-attempt old goals, Say your new year’s resolution to improve your diet isn’t working out; here’s fresh energy and a new time framework to kick-start your plans! We generally find that with the lunar calendar we tend to make smaller goals (that knitting project, exactly which seeds to plant) whereas the with solar calendar (ie, at the winter solstice) we make bigger plans (move house, email Grandma photos of Dylan every couple of months). But it’s whatever works for you.

I personally like to right goals down in a positive way which will focus on what I’ll gain rather than what I lose, So rather than saying “I’d like to give up smoking”, I’d word that something like “I intend to enjoy feeling healthier and richer through being cigarette-free”.

Happy new moon to you! Do share your goals – particularly if doing so is more likely to keep you on track with them! ♥

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