turnings old to new

Happy dark moon  🙂

When we no longer see the moon in the sky, the goddess, in my take on these things, is in that transformative period of potential and dreams before she appears again. For me, it’s that place between the in and out breath, between sleep and waking. The completion of one lunar cycle yet start of the next; spiralling continuously.

This particular dark moon sees another cycle complete and start in my life; my birthday!  Although I tend not to make a huge deal of my birthday, (it’s not as though I’d, like, write about it publicly online or anything like that!), I do like to celebrate the fact I’m in this lovely world by way of spending time with special people, having special food (always including cake!) and taking a little time out – and outside.

In looking back over this year there is certainly a shift. There’s been a rich harvest from the fields of Mama-wisdom through the experiences, reading and acquaintances I’ve been blessed with. There’s been a lot of sacrifice, a lot of letting go of attachments – physical and emotional – and a deepening of some relationships whilst others have become more tense or distant. I guess so many things in life wax and wane.

So, resolutions for my new year…what seeds to plant? What books to read? What dreams to bring out of my head? What things to make? So exciting!


Happy dreaming to you!  ♥

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