Waning half-moon: spinning wheels

Happy half-moon; the bi-(lunar) monthly point of balance and equality….and, on its flip side, stagnation and sticking. Sticking in the sense of trying to un-park your car from a muddy verge: yes, your wheels are spinning, your face is reddening and your pulse increasing as you make no progress. I’ve had a bit of a day like that, comprised of a string of hiccups and annoyances, my toddler in a willful mood, my body feeling less than tiptop-fabulous and a general feeling of pushing treacle uphill backwards.


What to do? The moon is pausing in her journey; taking a rest, finding that point of balance, looking at what’s behind and what’s ahead. Sure, it’s not really practical for most of us to just go making half-moon days rest days when we’ve got jobs to go to, children to look after or life to generally live. Yet perhaps a little forward planning can help; a bit of diary management to avoid toooooo hectic a schedule, something quite easy to prepare for dinner available, skipping the laundry until tomorrow, making some time to spend a small part of the day outside (my saviour today!), Just to pause and look at where you are with your goals, your relationships, your health, your journeys.

And continue them all tomorrow    ♥


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