Full Moon

So, with near-zero temperatures and snow flurries in these past few days, it’s easy to think it’s still winter. But, in a glance around the garden, Springtime nods its narcissi and pokes up its hyacinths; “hey, I have come!”.


It’s been a deep, long winter in our hearts and minds too here in our household and our lives seem in a bit of a cauldron of transformation. These dark months have held some dark  times; low energy and enthusiasm for much writing and crafting, coupled with proper hurdles on the family-life journey that we’ve had to support each other over, get the map out, hit our heads against, eventually finding our way over or around. We breathlessly grin as we marvel at the awesome view from the other side.

Right now we’re (hopefullyyespleasefingerscrossed!!) starting to walk to what we’ve viewed. The life we’ve been dreaming up over these sleepy months. Every few days one of us drops a little extra dream into that cauldron and us both constantly stirring it with care and smiles, keeping the fire underneath stoked up. We’re moving back to central Bristol; we’ve sold our house and had an offer accepted on one that pretty much ticks all our boxes.

We’re still a little nervous that it could all fall through but we can’t help brimming over with hope and sparkle when we think about what’s (probably) just around the corner: a wonderful community on our doorstep; easy access to lovely family activities and projects that we want to be part of; being closer to our friends and to my husband’s work; having more time because of so much less of it spent travelling; being close to independent shops; a larger garden that needs completely doing over and has space to grow food and have a workshop! Sure, we will miss being right by the countryside but we know that this is what’s right for us right now.

I’m also stirring up lots of ideas for HeartShapedHands. Moving more centrally will enable me to spend more time on my “other baby”. I’m very excited. So everything in my Etsy shop has a third off; it’s all got to go to make way for these shiny new things! Pop on over now; https://www.etsy.com/shop/HeartShapedHands.

full moon pic

I took a walk in the full moon’s light last night; potentially my last full moon stroll around our safe, quiet suburban estate. Her glow was a stunning auburn (I know very little of these things but perhaps something to do with the upcoming eclipse?) which, by my bedtime, had given way to a delicious bright white. I certainly felt Mama moon’s abundance and high energy in my life right now – and certainly feel I’m Mama-ing several “babies”. I look forward to sharing their births and nurturing with you. Bright blessings for all of yours. ❤

Thanks to subhadipin on sxc for the moon pic!

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