The Plastic Chauffeuring Service

Plastic seems so omnipresent, even for our household actively trying to avoid it. Food packaging, flower pots, toys, computers, the front door, the kitchen sink. It’s EVERYWHERE! In the UK, we generate approaching 5000,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually. (

Packaging seems to be an area particularly liberal in plastic use, such as food often coming in a plastic punnet/tray that is then wrapped in a plastic film. Some councils are starting to be quite generous in the amount of plastics they collect; Bristol’s doorstep collections now take plastic tubs, trays, yoghurt pots etc as well as bottles. Our address comes under South Gloucestershire Council and bottles are the only plastic they collect for recycling. They don’t even take other plastics at any of their recycling centers so most people probably put it in their general waste to go to landfill where,according to, it will take around 400 years to break down.
However, we often pass or visit places where you can recycle plastics and have been taking ours for some time. It occurred to us that we could encourage our neighbours to drop their plastic waste round to us (after giving it a quick rinse, and we can take theirs. Likewise with TetraPak waxed cartons, which South Gloucestershire’s recycling centers do take. So flyers were printed and posted through doors, and a receptacle was made by Mr Heartshapedhands for people to leave their plastic in if we’re out. So far, about 5 households are taking us up on the completely free offer (about 100 cards delivered). We hope the number will increase but, judging by the amount I took to a recycling bank today, it will still save a lot going to landfill!
If you live around Bitton and would like us to chauffeur your plastic and TetraPak to the packaging paradise, ring/text 07595 043860.

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