Beltaine-tide….. some will have celebrated yesterday whilst others will do so/will have done so when they see certain signs in nature. I’ll be doing my celebrating at the weekend, to coincide with the full moon and the anniversary of when I met my husband. In May is also the anniversary of when we married.
For me, it’s a celebration of passion, nurturing, the faery world, fantasy, sexuality, partnership, beauty, and gestation (so an apt time to have met my soulmate!) The reported tradition of driving cattle between 2 fires at this time gives it a theme of protection too. It’s a time to reflect on those goals conceived at Yule and assess if/how they are blooming, and how to nurture them further if they are to survive. The colours I associate with Beltaine are pink and green, the foods asparagus and garlic and the scents vanilla, geranium and cinnamon. The symbols and themes for me are the maypole and crown of flowers, the yoni and the lingam, hawthorn, faeries, blossoms,the pregnant belly …and hearts!!

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