It may be a couple of weeks since the spring equinox now but I always feel it’s best to continue the celebrations (and chocolate egg eating!) until Easter anyway. Especially as my birthday falls around this time too.

So I’ve felt on a bit of a roll with inspiration and positive ideas for 3-4 weeks and will hopefully soon be putting some of these into action. These include a community recycling idea, planning a non-religious christening equivalent for my son Dylan, and planning a street party to give an opportunity to try to improve the sense of community we feel is quite lacking where we live. On the equinox itself I planted 4 bulbs, Dylan watching me intently from his bouncy chair beside me. The bulbs are for an autumn-flowering nerine called Ostara: perfect! I dressed our altar with a green scarf and green candles to symbolise the fertility and “greenness” of nature at this time. And chocolate/decorative eggs! I bought some daffodils, although now we have lots of lovely grape hyacinths out in our garden so I have been able to have some of them inside. We looked at our goals that we made at the winter solstice and how we are doing with these; a couple have been achieved and most are being made progress on.