Last Wednesday, when I first saw the new moon, I started to tune to and celebrate the Imbolc energy. A couple days earlier, I had seen our garden’s first snowdrops burst out their pretty white flowers from their spindly stems. I always think they look like little fairy skirts! Other shoots had been poking their heads up for a while, confused at the indecisiveness of this winter. Indeed, as I write this, it is below -5c (unusual in the South West) and frosty. I just stepped outside our back door to take a few deep breaths of the icy air, to let it bite my lungs. I breathed it back, warmed from where I’d brought it down into my belly, and stretched my hands up to the sky, enjoying the tingle of the subzero haze. Beautiful.
I love the clean purity of this energy, For me, it’s the magic of the morning, of the new moon, of this time of year, I see the young goddess bringing excitement and hope for the projects planned and seeds – literal and metaphorical – being planted. I’m t the same time conscious of the shadow side of this: naivety and fear. “What if these plans don’t work out?” “Perhaps I don;t have what I need to do these things”. These are the ways I’ve welcomed where this energy lies in the outside world and in myself:
♥ Through several walks, both urban and rural, mindfully enjoying the signs of spring and pondering what is emerging in my own life right now.
♥ By planting the first seeds of the year; this week I’ve sown coriander, basil and tomatoes 🙂
♥ By covering our alter with a cream cloth which has a pale floral pattern and strands of silver, and decorating it with white and green candles, some glass icicle-like decorations, a silk worm cacoon, a small snowman jigsaw, early daffodils from my native Cornwall and some offerings of seeds, lemon cake and water from the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. Burning ylang ylang, lavender and melissa oils in my burner,
♥ By eating foods that represent to me the new moon and of the first stirrings of life- for example, by their shape (bananas, cashews), seasonality (root veg, leeks) flavour (lemon, vanilla and maybe a bit of cinnamon/ginger to represent the strengthening sun) or nature (seeds, beansprouts). Wearing the colours I associate with this season and this aspect of the goddess (silver, white, pale green/yellow/pink).
♥ By looking back at the goals we made at Yule. How are they emerging? What are doing to nourish them? What challenges are there and what do we need to do to keep them growing? By giving thanks for how they are taking shape.
♥ By reflecting on the maiden goddess aspect of myself, where Brigid and Artemis are found in me.
As I think about the stirrings of life in my outer and inner worlds, I remember with a grateful, happy smile how it was on this date last year that a little stick from Boots told my husband and I that there was a little life stirring inside my womb… ♥
….Happy Imbolc   🙂